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Our teaching team consists of people who are not only well qualified to perform teaching and caring functions, but most of all they are people full of passion, enthusiasm, smile, warmth and love for children.

Our staff constantly improves their competences and skills, introduces innovative educational solutions and ensures the highest quality of care, conscious education and smart play. Each of the ladies is characterized by professionalism and an appropriate approach to children. Together, we create a family atmosphere.



I have over 10 years of experience in teaching with children in such positions as language methodologist, English teacher or language school owner.

I completed full-time studies at University of Lodz in a double major: English Philology with Early School Pedagogy. During my studies, I was granted a scholarship and received a written distinction from the Rector of the University of Łódź for my excellent academic performance.

Moreover, I graduated from the prestigious Academy of Education Management at the Personnel Training Institute in Warsaw, where I gained the necessary knowledge to manage educational institutions.

Lately, I have also taken up second degree studies in pedagogical faculties: 'Organisation and Management in Social and Educational Services' and 'Educational Therapy and Early Development Assistance' at the University of Social Sciences in Łódź. I decided to continue my education in order to improve my competences.

I have many certificates and diplomas from numerous scientific conferences and trainings.

I am the owner of the School of Foreign Languages MASTERCLASS by Anna Nawrocka and author of textbooks for children, teenagers and adults and I create my own language courses.

Teaching and working with children is my life's passion and vocation.

I want to regularly improve my qualifications in order to be able to co-create with my team a fantastic place that provides children with the highest level of care and education for the 21st century. In my work I inspire and encourage teachers to use innovative methods of working with children.

During many years of work in the education system, I had the pleasure of:
- train and recruit teachers
- create didactic materials for educators
- visit and evaluate lessons
- supervise the work of teachers in several branches of a language school
- keep records and sign contracts
- conduct classes with all age groups

In my professional work I act in a forward-looking way, applying creative solutions and creating a network of cooperation based on positive relations and good energy. I am genuinely committed to education and to bringing out the potential both in terms of children, staff and myself. Together we are building a concept and vision for educating the future


She graduated from pedagogical studies at the University of Łódź and is also a food technician.

He has many years of experience in working in kindergarten and at school. He is predisposed to conduct activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. She is also a warm and caring person


Ania, graduated from Pedagogical Studies at the University of Lodz, early school education.

She has many years of experience in working with children in public and private kindergartens as a teacher.



Master's degree in pedagogy, specializing in pedagogical therapy with elements of speech therapy - extramural studies at the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź.

He has many years of experience in preschool work with children, which is confirmed by work certificates from several places.


Master's degree in pedagogy in the specialization of school pedagogy and pedagogical therapy.

Extramural studies at the Pedagogical University in Łódź (second-cycle studies) and a bachelor's diploma in pedagogy in the specialty of integrated preschool and early school education - full-time studies at the Pedagogical University in Łódź (studies 1st degree). He has several years of experience in preschool work with children and numerous certificates of educational training.


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