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Recruitment takes place with us all year round. We also accept children with deferred schooling in our kindergarten. We still have vacancies in different age groups:


The facility is located in the center of Łódź at 100 Sienkiewicza Street. We have parking and access to the garden next to our villa. The building is fully adapted for children, we guarantee safety and a homely atmosphere. Thanks to the large space, we can maintain appropriate clearances in the era of the sanitary regime related to Covid.

In our kindergarten, we care for children's development in a holistic approach. We use language immersion - our Little Geniuses listen to English every day, which is used regularly during various activities - also during meals or play.
We spend our time in a valuable way. We offer children a whole range of various activities, i.e. reciting, singing, gymnastics, fairy tales, walks, games in the garden, dancing, finger painting and tea, activities with pumpkins, leaves, chestnuts, mushrooms, hedgehogs, instruments, fairies, balloons, and a robot.

Our kindergarten provides:

☆ The highest standard of care, smart play and conscious education
☆ Small groups up to 15 children, nursery group up to 10 children
☆ Included in the fee: everyday English, sensory and music workshops, art with a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and many other additional activities
☆ Various, cyclical attractions and events supporting the child's development
☆ Comprehensive preparation of a child for school - implementation of the core curriculum


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