"Chestnut Festival"

With the arrival of October, we started the chestnut madness in LITTLE GENIUS. We invite you to the exhibition of chestnut art.

"Fitting for preschoolers"

On October 21, 2020 our Little Geniuses were officially appointed preschoolers by the Director. It was festive and exciting: first performances, then a solemn vow with the presentation of diplomas and medals, and finally a "popcorn party".

"Safety in the age of Covid"

Dear Parents! We assure you that we make every effort to meet all the conditions of the Covid-19 sanitation regime. Thanks to the huge area we have in our facility, children and staff are safe with us.

Every day, we make sure that: - only take in healthy children - take temperature measurements for children, parents and employees alike - ventilate the rooms as often as possible - keep your distance with intimate groups - regularly disinfect all surfaces and fittings - frequently wash hands, cover nose and mouth Besides, it is perfectly normal and joyful We absolutely ask you to inform the nursery school in case a member of your child's immediate family is quarantined - this is very important. We wish you a lot of health and positive energy in this very difficult time for everyone.


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