Advantages of the kindergarten



Little Genius International Preschool is a place where we take care of the comprehensive development of children. The high level of upbringing and teaching results from an individual approach to each child.

The chosen educational program supports personal development - which is the result of accumulation of experience, exploration, striving for success, the possibility of realization of individual needs, skills and intentions of each toddler and older child.

We take care of all zones of development: physical, mental and social. Same time we learn to listen and speak, in addition to expressing emotions and feelings to form key competencies.

We will help with adaptation - openness and readiness to form a team emanates not only from us, but also from our charges - children can't lie that "they don't like something". All the time they give evidence of why it is worth starting cooperation with us.

In addition to math, language, art dance and movement classes, we will cook, experiment and explore. We will exercise and educate our senses, learn to recognize our emotions and develop our imaginations.

We will spend a lot of time in the garden, learn to live in harmony with nature, plant plants, water them and watch them grow. The facility is located in a historic villa with a large garden - with such conditions together we create a family atmosphere.

The international environment in which our Little Geniuses are placed on a daily basis makes the children learn both foreign languages and respect and tolerance for other cultures. Teachers are there to look at the child, listen to their needs, and support them in becoming more responsible, resourceful, confident and empathetic.

Advantages of the kindergarten:

Recruitment continues throughout the year. We have vacancies in all age groups. What sets us apart?

☆ qualified staff - teachers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with children
☆ international environment - we welcome children from all over the world, without barriers or division
☆ activities at a promotional price - a rich program of weekly activities, including: sports, music, art and occasional activities
☆ playground - a large outdoor play space in the heart of Lodz
☆ good location, parking and hours of operation


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