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It is a kindergarten open to a child
for his needs, dreams and aspirations.
The preschool is a second home.
Nursery school is the best preparation for school.
Have fun, learn and grow with US.

The motto of our facility:

"Respect me so that I can respect others.
Forgive me so that I can forgive.
Listen so that I can listen.
Don't hit me, and I won’t.
Don't humiliate me, and I won’t humiliate you.
Talk to me so that I can talk.
Don't make fun of it.
Do not underestimate.
Love me so that I can love.
I am learning life from you !!! "

In our kindergarten, we care about children's development in a holistic perspective.. We use language immersion - our Little Geniuses listen to the English language every day, which is used regularly during various activities - also during meals or fun. Each child is treated individually. It is accepted as is. Kindergarten teachers use active methods of work that enable the comprehensive development of the child, recognize its needs and interests.

Selected working methods:
• A method of a good start by M. Bogdanowicz,
• The method of developing movement by Weronika Sherborne,
• The method of rhythmic gymnastics by A. and M. Kniessów,
• The method of creative movement of Carl Orff and Laban,
• The method of free expression, activity and creative activity by C. Freinet,
• The method of shaping mathematical concepts by Gruszczyk - Kolczyńska,
• Play Pedagogy Method,
• Dennison's educational kinesiology method,
• "Brainstorm" method,
• Global reading method by G. Doman.

The teachers use the above methods in working with the whole group.

At the same time they run:

• Classes in the field of psychological and pedagogical help,
• Individual work with a weak and gifted child,
• 'Adaptation days' facilitating the adaptation process in kindergarten.

The teacher selects the methods and forms of work in each group:

• Group development level - ascertained through diagnosis and systematic observation.
• Topic of the month,
• Season,
• Children's interests.


Cooperation with parents and the environment.

The kindergarten systematically cooperates with parents and the local community. The facility tries to look for more effective forms and methods to make this cooperation more perfect and, above all, to the benefit of children.

The kindergarten places particular emphasis on:
• involving parents in the life of the kindergarten,
• systematic informing parents about children's achievements,
• good atmosphere of cooperation with parents,
• broadening electronic communication with parents.

The tradition of the kindergarten is to organize with the participation of parents:
• "Open days" during which future preschoolers will get to know the kindergarten.
• "Family Fest" in the kindergarten garden.
Moreover, the kindergarten plans to take part in contests and charity events involving parents.


Systemic operation of the facility in the field of children's education:

1. Shaping the child's character traits, such as openness, sensitivity, tolerance, which will allow him to understand the surrounding world.
2. Providing children with the possibility of comprehensive development and preparing them for everyday life by taking into account the individual needs of the child, creating conditions for equal opportunities, strengthening self-confidence and the possibility of success.
3. Creating an atmosphere of security and trust in a family and kindergarten environment by enabling children to intensively participate in activities, experiencing and getting to know the surrounding world.
4. Supporting parents in bringing up an "open and happy child" by searching for innovative methods and solutions.
5. Effective involvement of parents to carry out the tasks specified in the concept.
6. Promoting the kindergarten in the local community.

Kindergarten Mission


- is treated subjectively as a creature seeking independence from adults through activity and independent action.


- is a good educator and initiator, is cultural and kind to children, teachers and parents, - creates the right atmosphere, - is consistent and fair.


- he is characterized by wise love and respect for the child, patience and self-control. - cooperates with the charge, but does not impose itself on him.


The kindergarten is open to:




their needs, views, dreams and aspirations.


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